Investment Process


KIS Asia Long Short Fund

KIS Capital Partners is the trustee and investment manager of the KIS Asia Long Short Fund (KIS ALSF) which is a unit trust launched in October 2009 for eligible Australian investors.  

A significant portion of the KIS Asia Long Short Fund is managed through the construction of a basket of long and short positions in liquid and transparent Australian and Asian stocks. The strategy relies on the judgement of our portfolio managers who utilise a combination of fundamental analysis, real-time technical analysis, and a focus on identifying catalysts and events which will result in price movements in the underlying shares. Our Long/Short portfolio has a deliberately active trading style and takes a short-term approach to the markets.

KIS Capital Partners is focused on risk management and seeks to mitigate market risk through asset diversification and risk limits set according to prevailing market conditions. KIS uses Imagine, a market leading, institutional grade risk and portfolio management system to monitor our portfolio on a continuous basis.