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At KIS Capital our mission is to be rewarded through performance

KIS Capital Partners is a boutique absolute return fund manager based in Sydney, Australia with an Asia ex Japan trading focus. We believe that an absolute return fund should be risk and performance focused with strong attention to investment differentiation. Absolute return funds should not be asset gatherers. We invest alongside our clients in liquid and transparent markets with a focus on pragmatic and vigilant risk management.

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Where there’s smoke, there’s fire

8th Feb 2018

Finding near-term catalysts forms an essential part of our investment process here at KIS Capital. This is particularly true of...


The Abundance 360 Conference – The aliens aren’t coming, we are creating them

31st Jan 2018

I’ve had the pleasure once again of joining Peter Diamandis in Los Angeles this week at his Abundance 360 conference...


KIS Capital Research Paper – Human Longevity

22nd Dec 2017

In the middle of 2016, KIS Research published its in-depth report on Autonomous Vehicles. That paper proved to be well...



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We believe financial markets will tend towards equilibrium over the long term; however over the short to medium term, inefficiencies will create mispricing.

We seek to identify, react quickly and take advantage of these situations when we identify catalysts to support the closing of this mispricing.

We believe Equities as an asset class provides the opportunity to generate alpha on the back of inefficiencies that exist due to the diversity of market participants pursuing differing agendas.

In our opinion investors approach their investment decisions with a bias based upon fundamentally incorrect analysis.

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