KIS Capital Research Paper – The Imminent Rise of the Commercial Space Industry

As you all know, we have shared our big picture, thematic thinking with all of you for a number of years now.


Back in 2016, we published our first research paper on the rise of electric and autonomous vehicles. Since then, electric vehicles have caught the attention of the wider investing community and we can say with some confidence that 2018 was the peak for internal combustion engine car production. We followed this up with our second research paper on human longevity in 2017. Whilst still in its commercial infancy, the medical industry’s pursuit of human longevity offers more exciting developments with each passing day, with broad implications for the investment community.


Our latest research paper is even more exciting, inspiring and a little scary – the imminent rise of the commercial space industry. We have had extensive discussions within our investment team and come to the conclusion that space exploration and travel could throw up some of the greatest investment opportunities of our lives. Albeit early, we feel it is important to have done the work and be prepared when those opportunities present themselves.


We hope you enjoy reading the paper as much as we have enjoyed preparing it and would be delighted to have you share your perspective with us.


If you would like a copy of the research paper please click here.




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